Your smart assistant for Cyprus Law

I am an exciting automated tool dealing
with your questions on legal and corporate matter. 


We believe that the future of professional law firms lies in using the best of modern technology to increase the efficiency of lawyers by eliminating time consuming tasks and by expanding their knowledge horizons to the benefit of their clients. Using the latest and best aspects of machine learning and AI together with a natural language processing, is set to become an indispensable legal assistant and knowledge repository for ‘in-house’ lawyers and practicing lawyers throughout Cyprus and beyond.


Legal Brain

A digital lawyer with a wide knowledge from an extended library of the Laws of Cyprus along with references to relevant cases for each subject matter.

Document Drafting

Draft an agreement, legal document based on your needs ready to be signed.

Document Review

Automated review of your legal documents.

Informational Services

Automated services through a chat flow with our legal intelligent bot.