Legal Brain

A digital lawyer with a wide knowledge from an extended library of the Laws of Cyprus along with references to relevant cases for each subject matter.

The platform for a “smart digital lawyer” across a variety of Cyprus and EU Regulations

       How it works:

  • Legal Brain accepts and understands legal questions typed in natural and simplified Greek language, related to legal matters on various available topics;

  • Through the use of artificial intelligence, Legal Brain, connects your questions to the texts of Laws and EU Regulations, which are available in its brain;

  • It then locates and displays the most relevant articles of the Laws or EU Regulations, which contain the answer or the relevant guidance you need on each subject matter;

  • Once you click on the most relevant, for your subject matter article, Legal Brain will then provide you with the full body of the article, any modifications incorporated into the article, as well as, the whole Law or EU Regulation in clickable PDF format.

       The extra mile:

  • Legal Brain also provides, by reference, the relevant caselaw for each article, where applicable;

  • Each case identified has a corresponding pop-up notification with the ratio of the case and its most useful extracts ascertaining the relevance to the article on which the case is being mentioned;

  • The Laws and associated caselaw are constantly amended, upgraded and updated;

  • In the near future, Legal Brain will make each case clickable and allow you to view the case in its entirety, in PDF format.